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Dreams of global travel adventure is nothing to be afraid of and human civilization has been testing their limits since the beginning of time. As a result of this innate migration instinct we have always wanted to sail beyond the horizon! Although when Marco Polo traveled to China he had ambitions that were much different than the modern adventurer.  In today’s global travel industry popular trips range from a Caribbean vacation to weekend camping trips at the local state park. Maybe global travel Boise would be considered a big adventure if you are from Eastern Washington! However, that is much too simple for those who wish to experience different cultures and see new sights. Today the global travel reviews demand that new experiences are taken very seriously by global travel agents! In fact, there are many modern day travelers looking for unique travel adventure. 

Modern travel methods have expanded the reach of those who wish to venture abroad. As a result, today’s demanding global traveler wants their global travel agent to offer a wider variety of travel products. Therefore, they have got to offer a wide diversity of products although some clients appreciate prepackaged tours just the same. This is an excellent type of budget travel and it’s a great way to save lots of time and money.  Additionally, time is maximized to the benefit of those who prefer these type of arrangements. Therefore, we strongly advocate prepackaged tours if it is the traveler’s first global travel experience. Thereafter, some travelers will always choose the prepackaged tours however many more will wish to cultivate their independence!

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Demystify Cultural Barriers with Global Travel

The objective behind our advanced global travel reviews is to let you explore new destinations from top to bottom. Comprehensive travel is not properly explained on social media or television. Therefore, we encourage a long term agenda. Many of the most beneficial aspects of our programs cannot be enjoyed if you are only staying for a few days or a couple of weeks. The best solution is a long term itinerary! Long term travel components such as second citizenship and residency visas allow you to live in a foreign country long term.   

Demystifying the politics and religion of a foreign country will be necessary to understand it. Use international travel for intellectual exploration and it will reveal similarities to your own culture. The best sources of information come from legitimate books that were objectively written about the destination country. Beware of titles that are marketed specifically for global travelers because they all have an agenda. For example, a guide book called Global Travel Costa Rica will not educate you sufficiently about the true history and culture of Costa Rica. We advocate methods of global exploration that are original and do not follow the same path of another. The indefinite travel itinerary we will develop for you is far better than what would be contrived by a standard global travel agent. 

Additionally, proper planning allows the flawless execution of your itinerary. I have traveled using these methods and my global travel reviews explore these issues in great detail. My travels in Africa, Asia and much more have been done without being overly reliant on guide books or modern technology. Use diligent preparation as a tool to demystify what was previously considered dangerous. On this website, our products will allow you to see the world and save money in the process. We are the world’s best online global travel agent!

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Visit Classic Global Travel Africa Destinations!

Access to all of the world’s wonders is at the core of our travel philosophy. Of course, this includes Africa! Our second citizenship programs offer visa free access to many countries in Africa. A few examples of visa free global travel access include: South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Burundi, Egypt, Gambia, Kenya and many more. Enjoy new adventurous that are 100% safe, visa free and limitless in nature.

Beyond practical advantages Africa is a destination full of natural wonder. Many of the unique natural landscapes that still exist in the world are abundantly available in Africa. Observe the most rewarding and unique geological and geographical locations firsthand with our African adventure travel reviews. Use these travel advantages to your benefit and explore the world’s most astounding natural phenomenon. Destinations such as Namibia are perfect examples of this. A custom travel itinerary will make these fantastic global travel and tours available to you as one of our clients. Enjoy the most unique destinations and the most rewarding safari opportunities. The rewards of these amazing destinations include world class photographs and the ability to write the best global travel reviews. Other travelers will be in awe of you! If you work with us that can be you posting the photographs of lemurs or lions on your favorite social media. Do it all for the best cost and have the best long term global travel experience!

Global Travel Asia is the World’s Best

Travel opportunities abound in Asia. Enjoy visa free access with our new citizenship products including entry to Cambodia, Laos, China, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. Plus many more! Travel securely with your new passport and live like a local. Use our long term planning options to explore the world’s most venerable and interesting cultural diversity.

The boundaries of Asia are absolutely enormous and as a result it is the largest and most populous continent in the world. Global travel destinations in Asia range from Japan in the east and Turkey in the west, Java in the south and the Arctic in the north. Different cultures, religions and languages were originated there long ago and are still prevalent today. For example, the world’s major religions all have their origins on the continent of Asia. The 5000 year history of China is equally extraordinary!

Therefore, traveling through Asia offers more of the simply awe inspiring destinations that our clients love so much. Asia has many cultural characteristics that are a far different experience from what would be experienced in the global travel Boise program. Our long term perspective makes sustainable long term options available to all of our clients. Don’t plan on going straight home after spending a few weeks abroad. Why should you stop there?

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Global Travel Destinations In Asia

In Asia, our most popular global travel reviews suggest visiting the most renown religious monuments in the world. They are all located in Asia and they are part of a our long term planning which we will help you prepare for new travel adventures. Visiting these cultural destinations in Asia will show you how to unleash the potential of your new passport.

Our philosophy is to enable the foreign visitor to stay long term and enjoy all that global travel has to offer. Residency in Hong Kong and Malaysia are easily accessible with our long term residency programs.  In SE Asia alone the cultural and religious diversity is intense. As a result, capturing this wide ranging diversity is our objective. 

Don’t neglect to take advantage of these opportunities with a sustainable long term time horizon. Take advantage of our unique travel programs to set yourself apart from the crowd. For example, over a million tourists visit the Khmer ruins in Siem Reap every year. Our competitors do not enable them with the proper travel tools to learn about Cambodia. Unfortunately, the benefits that Cambodia’s visitors can accumulate are very limited under these  programs. At Global Travel Press our unique long term travel experience will unleash the full potential of new destinations and create more rewarding global travel reviews.   

Benefits of Our Global Travel Programs: 

  1. Unique Travel Experience
  2. Second Passport Travel Opportunity
  3. Long Term Sustainable Travel Plan
  4. Only Approved Travel Guides are Recommended
  5. Historical & Cultural Learning Experience
  6. Foreign Residency and Employment Options
  7. Our Programs Will Render Global Travel TSA and Global Travel TSA Precheck Obsolete 

World Class Global Travel Reviews

Over the years I have compiled a library of world class global travel reviews. The reviews are 100% authentic and this includes all of the photographs, maps HD video and other pertinent information. As a result, these global travel reviews can serve as a source of inspiration to overcome trepidation. The source of every word written on this website is personal experience!  We have traveled in your shoes and you will travel in ours. Please review our wide selection of global travel reviews and contact us if you need any clarification. There are many more pending travel reviews in the pipeline and we hope you find them as amazing as we do!

World Class Global Travel Is Sustainable Long Term!

We define adventure as safely overcoming the cultural and logistical global travel boundaries. The challenges and rewards that are waiting for the ambitious international explorer are significant. We advocate international exploration that is sustainable but also allows you to take a piece of the action with you.  For most, the global travel reviews captured on film will last a life time. Plus, the natural flora and fauna remains intact and it will be available for many more tourists in the future – including yourself!