Global Travel PressMy name is Edwin and I am the founding member of Go Global Corporation PTE. LTD. Global Travel Press is my flagship website and it is 100% sourced from my personal travel experiences. I left the US in 2010 and embarked on a epic travel adventure that will never end. It is the ultimate experience and the rewards will never stop coming.

The content of this website includes hundreds of global travel adventures including all of the cultural, historical and ecological information about the covered destinations. Additionally, I completed intensive investigations about foreign residency options and I learned how to acquire second citizenship.


I built this website in order to encourage my website visitors to embrace the freedom and rewards of global travel. But I also go far, far beyond and encourage you to stay gone! Follow your instincts and decide for yourself. If you feel like the walls of unbridled western consumerism are closing in on you then act now because it may be your last chance.

Mission Statement

The objective of this website is to encourage competent individuals to embrace financially and ethically sustainable travel. Additionally, please independently study the religion, philosophy and history of locations that you visit. As a result, you will know where you went but you will also finally understand where came from. It is the ultimate disillusionment. All of the breadcrumbs that you will need to plant a flag in a new home country are here.

My motivation is the same as the original Americans who landed on the east coast of the US 300 years ago. However, the rules and means of global travel have changed dramatically for the better. As a result of the internet, competent individuals can plan their escape and make it last many lifetimes.

The World’s Best Global Travel

Global Travel Press was established to serve as an adventure travelogue for an ambitious global travel bonanza that began in 2010. However, the scope of the travel exploits documented within became indefinite in nature. As a result, these wanderings took on a sense of purpose and have since become perpetual. Becoming intertwined with different religions, political systems and economies encouraged me to stay gone permanently. Therefore, I encourage the few brave souls who would embrace a new way of life to follow in my footsteps. I have seriously endeavored to leave a trail of bread crumbs for others to see. You will find the trail here marked with a multitude of travel photography, maps, adventure travels and destination analysis.

I have redefined Global travel and unfortunately the old definition in the dictionary is no longer adequate. Therefore, modern travelers cannot rely on old cliches and archaic travel programs. The time has come to embrace the revolutionary new concept of perpetual global adventure.

Old World Travel: to travel worldwide as by car, plane, train or ship. To take a single trip or journey.

New World Travel: To travel the world indefinitely and embrace new cultures in order to become better integrated with them. As a result, the visitor is now a resident and no longer merely a tourist. The travel experience is perpetual in the sense that it will ideally evolve into permanent expatriation. Therefore, the objective has evolved beyond temporary inspiration and the changes have become indefinite.


Wise Global Travelers Use The Best Medium

Transportation is imperative for effective global travel. Therefore, having the means to access the most appropriate travel medium is necessary. Fortunately, modern travelers benefit immensely from the internet. As a result, it is no longer necessary to use the traditional travel agency. In fact, 10 or 20 years ago this type of exceptional global travel was not even possible. If the modern travel booking systems were not readily available to global travelers, we would all have been grounded long ago. However, the easy booking systems that are now available online allow for perpetual travel.

Unfortunately, it is easy to become over reliant on the major travel booking systems such as Expedia. However, today’s travelers can access the airlines directly. Therefore, I caution you not to use the top 3 travel portals as a crutch. Additionally, don’t assume that these booking systems account for logistics issues such as visas. This is very important if you are in transit and your itinerary requires you to exit the international terminal. All global travel options should be examined before making the final click. Doing your own homework will save money and prevent any logistical misunderstandings.

Additionally, the big 3 travel booking websites are not competitive for vehicle rentals, trains or sea transport options. Although it is convenient to do everything on the same website this results in unnecessary expenses. It is certainly advisable to shop around for vehicle rentals and other ticket portals. As a result, you will find much better service and lower fees. Furthermore, for long term rental periods it is well worth it to compare prices independently and negotiate when possible.

Plan Long Term for the Best Global Travel

Accommodation is another crucial element for perpetual travelers. Additionally, long term accommodation can make or break the best global travel plans. It is advisable to find a property location which has multiple benefits included. This includes easy access to your secondary destinations. For example, beaches, mountains or game parks may be the main reason for your visit. Therefore, a suitable rental property within easy commute to multiple locations will be ideal. Always try and use alternative sources to find a good home or apartment to rent. Routinely using websites such as Trip Advisor and VRBO can lead to problems! For example, travel reviews are of dubious quality (possibly fake!) on these websites and bad reviews are routinely discouraged or blocked by their customer service department. It pays to be skeptical and shop around.

Additionally, negotiating directly with property owners increases the likelihood of getting the best rate. It is not necessary to pay the nightly or weekly rate if you are staying for over one month. Therefore, inform the property owners up front of your long term travel plans. As a result, they will almost always offer 30-50% discounts to secure your reservation.

Predominant methods of Modern Global Travel

Foreign travel can be enjoyed in many ways. As a result, people tend to view it from their own perspectives. For example, individual travel, adventure travel, group travel or family travel to name a few. It really does come down to personal circumstances and preference. The novice may start out with a group of travel friends or other tourists. Hopefully, this type of traveler will eventually become more independent otherwise the true cultural benefits of the best global travel may be elusive.

  1. Cruise Ships – this is by far the most mundane and shallow form of travel. Therefore, it is best suited for those with limited resources and limited capacity for enlightenment. The objective is only pleasure and there is no room for true global adventure travel and personal growth. Unfortunately, the traveler will only view the destination culture through the eyes of the corporation.
  2. Group Tours – this method uses the same travel structure of cruise ships. In fact, tours offered by cruise ships are predominantly group tours. As a result, personal enrichment remains elusive and the cultural experience is a facade.
  3. Guided Tours – these forms of foreign travel have some potential to fulfill cultural learning. However, the traveler must supplement the program with personal study. Otherwise, most of the information will not be retained. As a result, the traveler will return home in the same uninspired shell.
  4. Business Travel – this option comes with financial incentive to obtain practical cultural experience from foreign travel. Ideally, studying a foreign culture will become intertwined with your job. As a result, studying a foreign language and cultural etiquette is now both personal and business. If travelers have the opportunity they should certainly take advantage of this golden opportunity. Unfortunately, so many business travelers are only accepting overseas employment because of personal limitations. In this situation nobody benefits.
  5. Individual Travel – an individual traveler sustained by their own means is in the best possible position. As a result, they will be able to take advantage of opportunity when is arises. Independent global  travel removes the restraints that come with a spouse, family, tour group or tour guide. Therefore, the individual meets opportunity with enthusiasm and can benefit immediately. Additionally, individuals have the option of laying roots in a new culture. For example, a local job, local spouse and foreign friends will propel personal development. When supplemented by studying the local culture and language – this is the best method!
  6. Family Travel – for aspiring travelers who already have a family in tow personal enrichment is still possible. Although it is the children who will benefit the most from instant immersion. The impressionable nature of children and preteens puts them in optimal position to absorb a new culture. However, the parents will play an important role in their cultural development. By encouraging their children to embrace a new culture they have given them the greatest possible education!

Adventurous Global Travel Creates Opportunity

Adventure travel can immensely enhance cultural travel. As a result, study of language and culture can be enhanced with further appreciation of the natural environment. Throughout the world there are geographical and geological wonders that are important destinations. Fortunately, modern travelers benefit immensely from free access to information and travel networks. It is no longer necessary to rely on a travel guide to explore remote locations. As a result, those who embrace adventure can do so safely and securely. However, prudence and the use of common sense is imperative. It is only when acting impetuously that global travel becomes potentially dangerous. When travelers are heedful of the local environment the horizon is safely accessible.

Global travel requires a minimal level of practical knowledge for everyday use. In many situations knowing basic geographical facts can limit hazards. It is imperative that global travelers do not to use technology as a crutch. For example, undue reliance on GPS to travel in remote areas is not advisable. Actually, it is not necessary to use GPS at all. As a result of prudent preparation and common sense there are no limitations for the adventure traveler. Spending some time studying your travel route using both traditional and modern means will improve safety and greatly enhance your global travel experience.

Global Travel Press Creates Infinite Travel Opportunity

Modern Technology That Enhances Global Travel

Most certainly, over reliance on modern technology can be a hindrance. However, there are many tools available online that enhance foreign travel and lower costs. Additionally, these tools are almost always free of charge.

  1. Online translation – knowing a few basic words of the local dialect will certainly enhance your experience. This is not only for practical matters. As a result of greeting someone properly in their own language they are more likely be friendly. This will provide a boost in restaurants, taxis and in rural areas where use of the English language is limited. The recommended source for quick and easy online translation is Google translate. However, this is not an all powerful tool to learn a foreign language. Supplementary research is necessary to acquire pronunciation skills and fluency. Although for quick access to the local language this tool is indispensable!
  2. Online Maps – having knowledge of the local infrastructure before departure is imperative. Also, it is simple and easy to review your route beforehand. Additional benefits include avoiding the GPS rental fees that some car rental agencies will impose. Moreover, it really pays to know where you are going especially if you are not fluent in the local language. By being properly prepared, adventure travelers will go much further more efficiently. Plus, the benefits of cultural experience are more obtainable when you have done your homework. The optimal source for quick and easy information is Google maps. They have proven most reliable in the most remote and seemingly inaccessible areas.
  3. Search for Alternatives – always look for alternative sources of car rentals, transportation and accommodation. Know all of your options and you will make better connections and travel farther for less. Use local internet search tools and experiment with new websites such as C-trip and also book directly with the local and regional airlines. Additionally, by using local portals for accommodation you can secure better prices and options for long term accommodation. Once again modern technology makes this very efficient and cost effective. As a result, of spending a few extra minutes doing research new opportunities will become accessible! Here, again Google search is an imperative travel tool.

Embrace New Global Travel Technology

Tools for Adventure Travel

Global travel can be immensely beneficial for the local economy. As a result, local governments use different tools to make their countries more attractive to global travelers. There are different methods of doing this. For example, top down initiatives include improving local infrastructure such as airport expansion, high speed railway and sea ports. Furthermore, transportation is enhanced by directly subsidizing airlines, local transport and accommodation. This creates local jobs. Additionally, by increasing the numbers of tourists it can become a self reinforcing circle. By making their historical and cultural sites globally accessible they enhance the local economies and improve the lives of their citizens.

However, there are other incentives that governments provide which are a boon for global travel. Immigration programs that permit long term entry and paths to citizenship are side effects of globalization. As a result, countries that are open minded have created a lot of momentum for dedicated global travelers.

  1. Second passports – acquiring dual citizenship will increase safety and accessibility that is imperative for long term travel plans. Unfortunately, over reliance on your country of origin can be a crutch and it is potentially dangerous. This is especially true if you are traveling with a national passport from counties with neo-colonial ambitions such as Israel, United States, France and the United Kingdom. Additionally, acquiring dual citizenship can also make permanent expatriation possible. Additional benefits of this include asset protection, offshore bank accounts, financing and lower tax rates. Furthermore, carrying a passport from a neutral country will enable you to enter into business contracts that would have been otherwise impossible.
  2. Long Term Visa Programs – many countries have discovered that encouraging immigration from financially strong individuals will strengthen the local economy and also improve the prospects for long term global travel. Issuing the equivalent of residency visas to expatriates gives them access to local bank accounts and real estate investment opportunities. Local governments can choose to restrict access to local employment. However, expats of this nature are of independent financial means. Therefore, their income is from overseas and does not negatively impact the local job market.
  3. Access to NGOs – by allowing competent NGOs to operate in the country local citizens benefit from community development that would otherwise be impossible. Foreign funding is available for medical clinics, community health programs and new schools. However, in developing economies it is sometimes necessary to permit NGOs to act as conduits to receive the international funding and implement the projects.

Dominica Second Passport

The Modern Global Travel Agency

Fortunately, the traditional travel agency was an impediment that has now become a redundancy. Modern technology has demystified and created global travel gateways for travelers who wish to embrace freedom of movement. As a result, the modern traveler is now an independent travel agent who acts on their own behalf. Direct access to airlines, vehicle rentals and accommodation has removed the middleman and enhanced the travel experience. Additionally, globalization has enhanced the international transfer of currency and greatly enhances foreign travel prospects. It is no longer necessary to allow self serving travel agents to plan your trip and limit your options. Plus, the cost savings are immense for those of us who are most prudent.

Global Travel Reviews Are Useful Tools

When traveling to a foreign land it is always helpful to follow in the footsteps of others. Ideally, this will help to avoid setbacks and potential fraud. However, travel reviews can be manipulated. Unfortunately, the main travel portals such as Trip Advisor and VRBO have engaged in sharp practice that can disable negative reviews and enhance positive reviews. This is a byproduct of big business and over reliance by travelers on the same source of information. The more discerning global traveler will rely on the reviews of others but also their own intuition. As a result of their global travel experience it will open up new areas of opportunity for future travelers.