Hotel Longo Vezo Review Anakao, Madagascar

I spent a lot of time in Anakao, Madagascar and I decided to write this Longo Vezo review about my experiences there. Longo Vezo hotel is located near Anakao, Madagascar which is a small fishing village on the SW coast of Madagascar.

Unfortunately, there is no indoor plumbing and no running water here.  However, for personal hygiene this wasn’t such a big issue. After a few days of washing in lukewarm brine, I grew accustomed to it.

The problem is that in the adjacent fishing village, there is of course no indoor plumbing either and their options are more limited than ours. Unfortunately, many of the 3000 local residents use the beach as a toilet. So basically there is human defecation on the beach and in the water. Unavoidably, you will see it and most likely step in it.

The reason I came here was to surf. Lucky for me the surf breaks are all 5 kilometers offshore and I was in clean water at that distance. I never went swimming near the village for obvious reasons.

The Hotel Owners Are Sleazy French Expats

Longo Vezo hotel in Anakao, Madagascar is owned by French ex-pats. This is a common encounter in Madagascar because there are a lot of French expats that still linger in their former colony. Unfortunately, these people are not considered a national asset of France. Therefore, it would be wise to be on the lookout for sharp business practice. This was my first real encounter with euro trash, especially of the French variety.

Photo of Eric - Longo Vezo Hotel Owner
Photo of the Longo Vezo owner “Eric” showing us one of his cabins. Unfortunately, it was infested with cockroaches and my friend had to move.

Communal Dining at Hotel Longo Vezo

At Longo Vezo in Anakao, Madagascar they have mandatory communal dining. There is a big table that all the guests must sit around for dinner. However, this is with people you don’t know at all and most of them don’t even speak your language. The owner of the hotel sits at the head of the table in order to best impress the hostage audience with his exquisite taste and conversation skills.

Dinner is usually not very punctual. The earliest we would actually eat was about 8PM every night.  I was usually going out surfing or fishing very early every morning. It would have been much more practical to have dinner at 6PM or 7PM latest.

Dinner is nothing too special even on the best of nights. Therefore, it is certainly not worth the wait. One night I know that my food had been messed with. Most likely because I didn’t appear very enthusiastic about the owners political views that he shared with us the night before. Clearly, most of the Longo Vezo reviews online neglect to reveal the truth about this establishment.

The breakfast menu at the hotel is semi-stale french bread, honey, jam and butter.

Limited Dining Alternatives in Anakao, Madagascar

There are some other limited Anakao dining options a couple of kilometers down the beach but due to the human land mines (referred to above) it isn’t such a good idea to be walking on the beach, especially at night.

Honeymoon Destination at Longo Vezo Hotel

One night our communal dinner was delayed until 9PM because some Belgian honeymoon couple had a long day out sightseeing. However, I was going fishing at 530AM the next morning. Therefore, I appreciated the owner’s vain pretensions even less than usual. Nobody knew these people personally, including the owner. We were not consulted about this delay at all and it was not our decision. Although the price for dinner was the same and the owner got to impress his new euro buddies.

Maid Service at Longo Vezo

There was supposed to be maid service every other day. The “maids” showed up the day after we arrived. Then we never saw them again. We had the same bedding and linens for the entire 3 weeks. 

Avoid Hotel Longo Vezo

Unfortunately, we had prepaid for 3 weeks. Non refundable. It was tempting to split anyway but there was a risk the other place would also have issues. There are a lot of French ex-pats in the area, the sleazy lingering remnants of colonialism.

After my 3 weeks at Longo Vezo was complete I decided to get the heck out of town and go to Ft Dauphin for a month. I decided to write this Longo Vezo review to reveal the truth about my experience.