Antananarivo is the Gateway to Madagascar

Welcome to Antananarivo, Madagascar

The country of Madagascar was ruled by a monarchy for 350 years and the rulers initially chose Antananarivo as their center of power. They built the royal palace complex (Rova) at highest point on the hill of Analamanga. Although it was originally built in the 17th century the structure still exists and you can visit the site today.

The Antananarivo pronunciation is not so difficult after you practice a few times. However, if the task is too daunting, just say “tana”. Everyone in Madagascar will understand what you are referring to.

Antananarivo Hotels and City Views

The Lokanga Boutique Hotel is centrally located on the royal hill of Analamanga and features fantastic views of the city. Additionally, Lokanga has a restaurant with outdoor dining that features the city views. The food and wine is also excellent here.

Taxi service is available from the hotel although it is possible to walk to most sightseeing adventures. For example: Lokanga is located within easy walking distance of the Rova of Antananarivo. Due to the hilltop location it is also an easy downhill stroll to the Avenue de l’independence. However, it may be advisable to take a taxi back up the hill.

The staff at Lokanga speaks excellent English and is very helpful.

Photo Lokanga boutique hotel - Antananarivo Madagascar

Picture of the courtyard at Lokanga Boutique Hotel.

Sunset Photo Taken from Hill of Analamanga - Antananarivo Madagascar

The Lokanga Hotel is located on the Hill of Analamanga and there are sweeping sunset views of the city from all the hotel suites.

Additionally, the architecture and antique furnishings at Lokanga are nostalgic and speak of a bygone era. Lokanga was originally built in the 1930s and since then has been completely renovated. Fortunately, they took meticulous care in preserving the essence of the original construction.

Lokanga boutique Hotel Review - Antananarivo Madagascar

Photo of our suite at Lokanga Boutique Hotel.

Photo Hill of Analamanga in Antananarivo Madagascar

Avenue de l’independence is only a short stroll down this hill from the hotel.

Rova of Antananarivo

Our hotel was situated within a short distance from the Queen’s Palace. The palace is one of the top Antananarivo tourist attractions. It is well worth the time for a visit because it reflects centuries of monarch rule. Unfortunately, the palace was damaged in a fire in 1995 however, most of the restorations have been completed.

Photo Rova of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Photo taken from the hilltop grounds of the Rova.

Photo of Queen's Palace - Antananarivo Madagascar

Photo of the Rova In Antananarivo Madagascar

A military relic located on the grounds of the Queen’s Palace.

Antique French Taxis in Antananarivo

The Citroen 2cv Taxi is a ubiquitous antique French taxi that is found in Madagascar. Unfortunately, not all of them are in such good condition. After I had traveled in Madagascar for 2 months and upon returning to the Antananarivo airport we had to push start the Citroen 2cv Taxi. Although this only happened on one occasion!

Photo Citroen 2cv Taxi - Antananarivo Madagascar

The famous Citroen 2cv Taxi found throughout Antananarivo.

Gateway to Madagascar – Antananarivo

The capital city is a great place to initially get accustomed to Madagascar. I was to spend 2 months traveling in the country including surfing, visits to the national parks, Ifaty, Fort Dauphin, Anakao and Toliara. Additionally, the Lokanga Boutique Hotel is ideally located to explore the city. Our next stop would be Anakao in SE Madagascar.

In conclusion, I highly recommend a visit to Madagascar in the near future.

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